Tree Stump Removals

There are several methods that are used for stump removals.

At Acorn Gardens we use a heavy duty industrial type root grinding excavator to remove stumps.
Stump grindingTree stump grinder

For shallow grinding, typically 20-25cm (8-10in), is normally sufficient for laying turf, but you should allow and request for deeper, 30cm (12in), or more if replanting or landscaping.

We shield the area being ground to minimise sawdust dispersal in the surrounding area and follow comprehensive tool and personal safety at work procedures. Acorn gardens is fully insured and has appropriate liability insurance cover.

Once the stump is removed the sawdust can be used to fill the hole, however if turfing is intended then it is advised to allow us to remove the sawdust or mulch from this area.

We use an industrial heavy duty Huskavarna machinery which is well suited for tree stumps upto 50cm in diameter.